Ya Pakking Capsules Beijing Grass Herbal Effective Health Supplement
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Organic Ya Pak-king Murdannia Loriformis, The Miracle of Beijing Grass


  •        Slows production of Cancer cells.
  •        Help heal respiratory diseases and to help rid the body of Toxins
  •        Helps cure Amphthous Ulcers & Blisters
  •        Hemorrhoid Relief
  •        Can help reduce High blood pressure

Part of plant used : Dried roots, blooms leaves & stems

Ingredient : Ya Pakking powder 240 mg and other Herbal powder 160 mg per capsule.

Dose : 3-4 Capsules 3 times a day before meals

Contents : 70 Capsules


About Ya Pak King- Beijing Grass

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In recent studies by the The Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University, Thailand, Ya pak-king was found to contain glycosphingolipids, a substance that helps reduce cancer growth and blood sugar.

Extensive research shows that Ya Pakking is a better alternative to Chemotherapy or radiotherapy, giving better results without the side effects. This makes it a valuable alternative treatment for many types of Cancer.

Ya pak-king, also known as Beijing Grass or ya thevada, originated in southern China and is abundant in northern Thailand. It is often used as a decorative element in Asian gardens, stands at between 7-20 centimeters tall and has blue blooms.

Read about the weed that proves a treasure.



We have not been able to find any negative effects of taking this supplement, although if you notice any, stop using this product.

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