Siam Secrets Guide to tying Sarongs or Pareos

Wearing Sarongs and Pareos

Introduction to wearing Sarongs

With a few pointers it is easy to learn how to tie Sarongs to create all manner of beautiful clothing.
Our sarong tying guide is designed to incorporate a number of ways to produce stylish beach wrap clothing, as well as going a little further by showing that it is possible to create elegant evening wear and even a young and trendy jumpsuit out of your sarong or pareo.
Feel free to add your own variations, you will be amazed at what you can come with.

Today most people in the west consider Sarongs as one size fits all beach or pool wear, cover up clothing that is reserved strictly for holidays or visits to the beach or pool. And that is where most of our sarongs/pareos end up, as beach wraps for lucky ladies heading for the sun.

At Siam Secrets we have put together this page to give you some ideas, we have used our Rainbow patterned Sarong because the lines give a good idea of the folding methods, although you can use these methods with any large Sarong/Pareo or any piece of suitably sized fabric.

Tied Wrap Skirt

Tied wrap Sarong skirt

Hold the Sarong/Pareo fully extended behind you and pull forward.  Keeping the Sarong tight around your waist either  knot the sarong in front of you or secure using a sarong buckle or clip.

Variations and tips: Try wearing with the knot at the side, or you can fold into a triangle and secure at the hip by the the long ends.

Wrap around Skirt

Tassel wraped Sarong Skirt

Fold the sarong in half across the width, create an additional fold to form a margin, (this can make a feature of any Tassles and allow you to set the length of the sarong Skirt). Simply wrap around your waist and secure by tucking in at the hip, add a safety pin for added security.

Variations and tips: The tassles also look good to the hem of the skirt, and you can also dress this up with accessories such as a Tie belt.

Wrap around dress

Simple sarong wrap around dress

Start by extending the Sarong behind your back and secure to the front by either creating a knot or using a sarong Buckle, if your Pareo has tasseles to the short ends this makes an attractive feature.

Variations and tips: If you wish to adjust the length you can fold the Sarong down to shorten the length and secure it width ways across the bust, (this can also make an attractive feature of the tassles to the hem.

Beach Dress

Halter Sarong Beach dress

As above simply extend the Pareo behind your back and secure the top corners to the bust with a loose knot or sarong buckle, bring the ends up and use a safety pin to secure the loose ends behind your neck to create an attractive halter dress.

Variations and tips: If using a sarong buckle this method of wearing looks particularly attractive if you twist the loose ends prior to securing behind the neck

Summer dress

Stylish Sarong wrap dress

Starting at the hip fold the Sarong in half,(coloured side in), and wrap around the waist, secure the first wrap with a safety pin. Continue to wrap the Sarong around and pin at the waist where it finished. Lift up the outer layer of the Sarong and extend centrally across the back. Secure above the bust with a knot, pin or sarong buckle.

Variations and tips: This is a particularly attractive way of wearing pareo’s and makes a sexy and stylish  summer evening dress.

Evening dress

Sarong evening dress

Fold the sarong in half, colour side in, and extend in front of you at the waist-line centrally. Wrap the sarong around you and overlap, securing both ends with safety pins. Then lift up the outer layer of the sarong and secure the two short corners behind your neck. Arrange the neckline as you wish.

Variations and tips: A classy and elegant way of wearing a sarong this method exposes the back. If you wish to show a little less skin simply secure at the back with a safety pin.


Trendy Sarong Jumpsuit


Extend the Sarong length wise in front of you centrally, wrap around above the bust, secure with a safety pin at the back, leave the overhanging ends loose. Now pull the two lower corners through your legs from front to back, and pull up. Extend the two corners out around the hips and secure, as detailed. Pull up the loose flap at the back and secure in the same position as you placed the pin earlier, adjust as necessary.

Variations and tips: To adjust the length simply create a fold as required before starting. A trendy jumpsuit look. This style really shows how versatile a sarong-Pareo can be.

Check out this Video for some more Amazing ways to tie your sarong !

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The many ways of wearing a Sarong