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As Siam Secrets Store is a fast growing online store and we are very keen to encourage as much new business as possible.

We really want you to enjoy your visit and hopefully come back again and again....

Of course on occasion we will be discounting some items, but as an extra bonus we are offering voucher discount codes, " This means the larger your order the more you save".

Almost to good to be true!...

Any way here are current voucher codes;

 * 5% discount on all orders over £20.00 with this code;  TMO-005

 * 10% discount on all orders over £35.00 with this code; TMO-010

Thank you for Visiting Siam Secrets Store

  *Be sure to use the voucher code at checkout that will give you the best discount, based upon your order size.
*This offer includes all currencies to the equivalent GBP
*Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers
*Siam Secrets Store reserves the right to amend or remove these offers at any time.

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