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At Siam Secrets Store we strive to provide our Customers with the service and products that we would like to receive if we were buying online.

We understand that if you have not purchased from Siam Secrets before that you may be unsure of the service that you may receive, when you will get your products,  or the terms that we have regarding shipping, returns etc... 

Our mission is to turn all of our Customers into repeat buyers. We want you to come back, again and again, and enjoy some of the great value products and the excellent service that we strive to provide.

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Date Created; 27/02/2013
Last Update: 17/07/15



7th June 2012  -Herbert

Thank you

Dear Siam secrets, thank you so much for your understanding and prompt reply, your service has been excellent and I would not hesitate to purchase from you again and would recommend you to my family and friends. thank you kind regards herbert
10th August 2013 -Peter P

In May I was so very happy with the rainbow Sarong you sent to me. I want to buy another one. But I can’t find my 10% voucher. Please help.
 3rd September 2012 -Anne S

Fantastic service and products. You dispatched my order last Monday and it arrived today. thank you so much for a wonderful service and i love the Asian shirt/jacket and trousers!
28th November 2012 -Bridget

brilliant! Just what i wanted and very fast delivery!
11th December 2012 -Jan
fits perfect

Dear Siam Secrets. The shirt arrived today and fits perfectly, thank you. we do so appreciate the efforts you have made to get it right for us and i will certainly be recommending you to our friends. What a guy!! Thanks again. Jan. happy Christmas to you and your loved ones

19th February 2013 -Sara L



Hello Leon – how lovely to hear from you, and to get a reply thank you very much indeed! What great customer service. 
Your message was very pleasant and helpful: it is so good to find somebody who realizes these things are important when you are going on holiday. My legs have muscle problems so I have to buy on-line and cannot walk round the shops for hours like other women,so on-line buying is very important to me!

 I mentioned the Thai Yellow Oil on the Fibromyalgia forum, and a couple of people from the USA had tried it and found it was wonderful. Other people were asking me where to get it.  So I am looking forward to soothing my muscle pain with it – you are G R E A T!


 With my very best wishes for you to be happy and have a wonderful life – you deserve it! I am truly looking forward to my holiday now, and thank you for sending My Dress and Yellow oil express – it arrived on just a wonderful cold rainy day, and made everything really sunny!!Very best wishes and thanks again,



26 February 2013 -Bernard W
Thank you for update on my order 1***. I am pleased to inform you that my other order 1*** has arrived and I congratulate you on the efficiency of your company.


I wish some suppliers in the UK were as reliable !!
Best wishes,
4th March 2013- Bernard W

Dear Siam Secrets,
  Can't believe it-my order 1*** arrived today !
Wonderful service, the shirt is brilliant, even my wife likes it !!

5th March 2014- Wendy P

Dear Siam Secrets
Thank you for your update glad the money arrived okay.
Really looking forward to my holiday in Thailand and looking forward to hubby and I wearing our new clothes.
Many thanks for your excellent service
Warmest regards

21st March 2014-Wendy P

Dear Siam Secrets
Have just arrived in Bangkok and am delighted with the order that you sent to the hotel.
Many, many thanks for your excellent service
With kindest regards

30th June 2014- Bill Bohn

Thanks again Leon!!   you have a wonderful service.. i love the shirts, the painting, and wow the slingshots are top notch.. i may need to buy more of them..

also, using btc was real easy,  i know the price changes but stick with it long term it will be a winner!!!


22nd July 2014- Remke Verzee

Thank you for the wife and i are delighted with the quality and the fit. Everything arrived securely packaged in under two weeks. We will be recommending your website and your service to our friends.

Kind regards Verzee

17th July 2015-Kevin & Zoe

Just took receipt of out two Fisherman's trousers and sarongs yesterday and I have to say that we are really, really pleased with them. They were an "exploratory" purchase, and the quality and suitability are better than we expected, so we shall be ordering from you again!! (We'll try and get as many friends and family interested in your website as possible!!)
Many Thanks again,
Have a lovely day,
Kevin and Zoe Green
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Author; Leon Bourne.
Last updated 17/07/15