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Although this is our about us page, we like to think Siam Secrets is more about you...

We will go into a little about our background down the page, but for the moment lets concentrate on what we believe Siam Secrets store has to offer you, our customers.

Firstly we are not called Siam Secrets for nothing, we pondered over the name for our online store for many weeks before coming to the conclusion that we would like to introduce all corners of the globe to some of the great value, high quality and often hard to find Asian goods, (some of Siam’s secrets).

Our ethics

We are lucky enough to be based in the land of smiles and unlike many parts of the World, the pace of life is still a little slower here, which is probably one of the reasons the Thai People smile so much.

Thailand is full of home businesses and village craft and we love that. We are pleased to say that now have Friends all over Thailand that provide us with the clothing, as well as the goods that you will see on our store, all small businesses, which are willing to adapt or amend many of the items on our website to suit your individual requirements.

So if we don’t have a shirt in your size, just ask, we can probably have it produced for you. Unlike many companies; “we don’t buy from sweatshops”, and we feel that gives us the freedom to be different.

We take a great deal of pride in the service we provide by dispatching orders every business day, replying to emails promptly and inspecting all orders prior to dispatching.

Now may be a good time to check out some of our Customer reviews.


You will find our prices unbeatable on like for like products. In fact we are so confident that if you find the same product available anywhere else for less we will match the cost. Simple sent us the URL of the page via our contact page.

Who are we?

Leon From Siam Secrets I deal with website management

Siam Secrets is a Family business that was established in 2009. 
We started very small selling what remains one of my favorite items, Thai Fisherman pants

These simple yet versatile wrap trousers are what inspired the whole idea of  selling online, and our store. They are free-size unisex cotton pants with unbeatable comfort.

In fact you can probably bet I am wearing a pair now.
Basically  that's what we love about Thai and Asian goods, so many inexpensive quality items, that just make great sense.
By the way name is Leon, and you will probably be dealing with me if you have any queries or questions, I am the person that generally deals with customer service, dispatching, postage etc. I have also put together Siam Secrets web-store and our new store Siam Secrets Apparel, where you can shop for beachwear in a our dedicated store. 


The pretty one to the left is Photjana, my Wife.  

Phot speaks English and is a Thai lady that I was lucky enough to meet about 10 years ago, whilst She was working as the Head chef in the Siam Corner Thai restaurant in Dorchester, England. 
Thankfully I still get the great cooking and Phot also deals with suppliers, ordering and  quality control, (she personally inspects everything), prior to packaging.

Together we make quite a team, although I think She’s Batman and I’m probably Robin. 


Where are we

Siam secrets store is based in Bang Lamung,  Chonburi district. Thailand. 
We are positioned with easy access to all of the main supply routes, so sourcing and obtaining stock are never to much of a problem. We do not have a physical store presence, as we mainly sell online, although our warehouses are in Takhiantia, just outside of Pattaya.


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