Incense and Aromatherapy


Incense and Aromatherapy


Incense is usually composed of aromatic plant materials that are often combined with essential oils.
They have been used for many thousands of years and are often associated Buddhism and meditation.

Any incense is the perfect accompaniment to a massage or a warm bath, and can be used to freshen and fragrance the home as well as to mask odours.

They are a great way to soften the mood and create a tranquil environment.


Aromatherapy is one of the oldest methods of holistic healing, it is said to rejuvenate the spirit mind and body, with the use of fragrances or aromas.

This form of therapy uses liquid plant materials known as essential oils to instill a state of well-being. The healing power of the essential oil is the essence of aromatherapy.

Aromas or scents have the power to transform our emotion, and heal our bodies. They can elevate our state of mind, emotions and behavior.

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