Why and How to wear Thai fisherman pants

How to Wear Thai Fisherman Pants and Why you Should?

3/4 Length Tuirquoise Thai Pants

The most comfortable trousers/pants in the world....Honest!

Siam Secrets Thai fisherman pants Tutorial

We love them, Thai Pants, wrap Yoga pants, Fisher pants and Kung fu pants, are just some of the names given to what we like to call Thai wrap fisherman pants (or trousers).

These wonderful wrap trousers have been worn for generations by the Fishermen and Farmers of Thailand who quite simply cannot find anything more comfortable in the heat and humidity of the land of smiles.

Thai wrap pants are a particular favourite of Fisherman because they allow free movement, dry out very quickly, and are surprisingly hard wearing, they are also cool and cost effective...
To be honest, these qualities are also the main reasons Thai fisherman pants are becoming so popular all over the world today.
(Below you will find some background information on Thai wrap pants, if you would like to go strait to our product pages please click here).

Couple wearing Thai Fishermans pants

Who can wear Thai Fisherman pants?

Thai Pants make great exercise TROUSERS
If you are unfamiliar with Thai wrap pants you really don’t know what you are missing....

Everyone can wear wrap pants, in fact it’s probable that about 80% of the adult population could wear the same pair, (although not at the same time of course)... Why you ask?

Well, Fisherman pants are unisex and complement the figures of both men and women in different ways.
Another reason that wrap trousers are so versatile is because they are truly Free-size, our standard sizes will fit almost anybody up to 6 feet tall, and if you are bigger contact us about our Jumbo sizes. (See product descriptions for fit sizes).

 Check out our Video guide on how to tie Thai Fisherman Pants

Because of the above Thai fisherman pants are good for:

Great Baggy Yoga Pants

Thai wrap fisherman pants are often referred to as yoga pants, (or fold over Yoga Pants) and with good reason, they are the perfect trousers for both Men and Women. They allow totally free movement are light and incredibly comfortable.

Meditation wear

Wrap pants are often used by the participants of Buddhist ceremonies in Thailand as Buddhist meditation clothing, this is because meditation is aided by minimal distraction. And as anyone who has tried to meditate in the half lotus position will tell you, loose and comfortable meditation wear is essential. So Thai Wrap fisherman pants are ideal.

Martial arts practice

Martial arts (or Tai Chi exercise)

In martial arts circles Thai wrap pants are often referred to as Kung Fu Pants. Usually lighter fabrics are used for training, (and in Tai Chi etc), and Heavy cottons or linen are used in competition bouts or close contact training.
They are the traditional choice for Muay Thai pants for training in Thailand because the participants require free movement and cool comfort.

Maternity Trousers

Maybe the Thai Fisher-ladies on occasion used their wrap pants for Maternity pants. But it has taken off all over the world now, as many women wear Thai Wrap pants during the first 6-8 months, and after pregnancy.
It makes sense that clothing that is adjusted each time you put it on will be the perfect option for the ever growing bump.
And being loose and comfortable they also make a great choice following birth or post op for people following abdominal surgery or with chronic abdominal pain.


Everyone likes to sleep in comfort, (and excluding being in the buff), there in nothing more comfortable than fisherman pants. We highly recommend our Toray Fisherman pants. Which are available in 2 lengths and many colour options.


If you are on Holiday you cant beat Thai fisherman pants for wearing over your swimsuit when you want to nip over to the bar and enjoy a refreshing drink. they look cool on Guys and sexy on Girls. plus of course you have complete comfort in your quick drying and easy to wear Thai pants.

Womens casual pants

Conclusion about Siam Secrets Thai Fisherman Pants

If you don’t fit into any of the categories above, don’t worry. Fisherman pants are also great for staying in, going out, Beach, pool or play, Lightweight Toray Cotton pants, or loomed cotton in varying lengths and colour/pattern options, will be something you will not want to be without.

If you cannot find anything you like among our range Just let us know, as we will always do our best to produce all popular ranges.

Oh, and one other thing... All of our Thai pants are handmade in Thailand by small home business people, (we do not support sweatshops).

Thai pants are inexpensive here, which is why we can provide them to you at such great prices.
At Siam Secrets we find it shocking that many other sites offer the same or similar Thai pants to us at up to 5 times the price.

We dispatch orders daily and each pair is inspected prior to packaging so you will always be guaranteed quality products.

We post Siam Secrets Fisherman pants worldwide and most of the time orders reach their destination within 7-10 days.

Thank you for visiting our page, now its time to....

ladies wrap pants
For wholesale orders or inquiries please contact us.

Scroll down for some of our Our Thai Wrap Fisherman pants Customer FEEDBACK:

Cant Stop wearing them
J Harper

‘just wanted to say these thai pants are great ,!,,on my hols to sri lanka gonna be perfect for chillin out ,,,put them on straight away with the help of your how to wear vid ,,man! can't stop wearing them so so comfortable ,,good price lets hope you can keep it that way ,,,keep it up Siam Secrets Store,, shall recommend to friends ,,super quick delivery too thank you,,jay’

Clara A
‘venditore consigliato!’

Dave and Brook
‘Excellent! Am placing another order!’

D Neves

‘Not only the product but the service were brilliant. The order arrived in Ireland in exactly 1 week and it matched the product description perfectly. Good, thin and soft cotton and nice bright colours! Can recommend with a clean conscience. :)’

15 Pairs for Stageshow
Mr L Beecham

‘Dear Siam secrets, The packages arrived today safe and sound. Thank you for providing such an excellent service - the pupils think the trousers look great on stage! I will certainly use your website again in the future and will of course recommend you to friends. Many thanks, Lloyd’

Very good pants
sabrina I

‘Thanks for these very good pants!!! very fast shipping!!! I receive my order today!!’

Sooo Comfortable
Rachael H

‘I received my order yesterday Thanks loads, I see what you mean, I love the comfort of these pants. I will be ordering more soon. Can you get Extra large size for my Hubby?’

Lucy C
Awesome love them, now to choose another colour ;-)

Check Fisherman pants-Fantastic!
Brenda K

Superb. 5 star service! Quality product! Soon to be seen on a beach near you! A1

Very happy repeat customer
Megan E

Great pants - I bought a lot! love them :)

Guy P
Fantastic item and service, thank you

Graham F
Great stuff very quick

Nick L
Good stuff all round....am going to buy another pair!

Amazing I love them!
Rafal S

Amazing 3/4 shorts very comfortable in hot weather. Very fast shipping thank you.


Not happy unless I'm in my TF pants
Joan T

Excellent pants. Fast postage !!! Will buy from Siam Secrets again for sure. Thank you very much.

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